HTML5 code! more semantic and meaningful

HTML5 code is more semantic and meaningful

As for example :

The b- element used to mean, “render this in bold.” Now it is  used for some text “to be stylistically offset from the normal prose without conveying any extra importance.” If the text has any extra importance, then the strong element would be more appropriate.


Similarly, the i- element no longer means “italicize.” It means the text is “in an alternate voice or mood.” Again, the element doesn’t imply any importance or emphasis. For emphasis, use the em- element. Continue reading

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hgroup in HTML5


There are times when you might want to use a heading element
but you don’t want its contents to appear in the document
outline. The hgroup element allows you to do just that:

<h1>An Event Apart</h1>
<h2>For people who make websites</h2>

In this case, the level two heading “For people who make
websites” is really a tagline. In an hgroup element, only the
first heading will contribute to the outline. The first heading
doesn’t necessarily have to be an h1:
Continue reading

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html5 makes me feel the markup love

HTML5 is not just a markup for the time being only.
Its a reality and future BANG for the era.

html5 logo

My HTML5 love… making me more crazy………yooooooooooo!

Mufeed Ahmad
Web Designer / Frontend Developer

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here mufeed starts blogging

Hello All,

Here today i am starting blogging.

Mufeed Ahmad

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