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Design and Code an Integrated Facebook App

Thanks Mufeed Ahmad Web Designer / Frontend Developer

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Rise up static CSS attributes with CSS3 : Animation with CSS3

As in the growing world of CSS and HTML now you have the power to rise up with CSS3 Animation to bang the era. Here are the browsers that support CSS3 keyframe animations: Chrome 2+, Safari 4+, Firefox 5+, … Continue reading

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The Future Of CSS: Experimental CSS Properties

Despite contemporary browsers supporting a wealth of CSS3 properties, most designers and developers seem to focus on the quite harmless properties such as border-radius, box-shadow or transform. These are well documented, well tested and frequently used, and so it’s almost … Continue reading

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a tag play in HTML5

The a- element on steroids While the changes to previously existing elements involve  creative wordplay, there’s one element that’s getting a supercharged makeover in HTML5. The a- element is, without a doubt, the most important element in HTML. It turns … Continue reading

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HTML5 code! more semantic and meaningful

HTML5 code is more semantic and meaningful As for example : The b- element used to mean, “render this in bold.” Now it is  used for some text “to be stylistically offset from the normal prose without conveying any extra … Continue reading

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hgroup in HTML5

hgroup There are times when you might want to use a heading element but you don’t want its contents to appear in the document outline. The hgroup element allows you to do just that: In this case, the level two … Continue reading

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