Yves Morieux: Why do people feel so miserable and disengaged at work?

As work gets more complex, 6 rules to simplify!

Listen Yves Morieux:

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Forget the standard screens, Apple watch kind of devices can be the new thing to consider

It’s been decades web started and today every day we see the mysterious upgrades. Things we never imagined happening in the technical world.

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Responsive charts with chartist.js -

Charts play major role when we want to show huge data. The visuals are pretty easy to understand and humans are great to seeing pattern, but numbers trouble them. Graphs and charts can show the data easily.


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Add page transitions to your site with css and smoothState.js

This post was originally created by Miguel Ángel Pérez. He is working on ways to transitions on web pages.


Now on the web; page animations are playing a big role for the user experience. As when user jumps on the native applications; transitions are fruitful. We can’t deny that user experience. Users are grown and expecting the smooth behavior throughout. Continue reading

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Found this 60-ish minutes video for Angular JS beginners by Dan Wahlin

If you are an Angular JS beginner then this video is a great start for you. Find this video for Angular JS fundamentals in 60-ish minutes.

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Benefits of css generated content and counters – An Article from smashing magazine.

Get the depth on CSS generated content and counters.

Benefits of css generated content and counters - An Article from smashing magzine.

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